FlEXograPHiC PrEssEs aMaZoN HT

Projected to print flexible materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, raffia, paper and others, in 4, 6 and 8 colors versions. Designed for easy job changing, fitted with on-board plate sleeves changing system and anilox.
high precision, rigid and compact machine for great production and fast set-up,with excellent balance between cost and payback, for small, medium and large sized production batches.

CoNTrol PaNEl

With MMI and PLC for full ma- chine operation and program- ming of speeds, pre-registers, printing group positioning, ten- sion and temperature control, recipes storage, remote com- munication and video scan.

oN-BoarD CHaNgiNg sYsTEM

For fast set-up, with carbon fiber mandrels, polyacetal gears and backlash-free register.

Printing groups with high preci- sion positioning, driven by prelo- aded linear guide ways and balls- crews, with step-motors and PLC controlled.

uNWiNDiNg aND WiNDiNg sTaTioNs

With automatic rolls changing system up to 800mm diameter, self-locking bearing and tower system. (Optional)


*Printing repeat for on board changing.