PlasTiCs FilM rECYCliNg liNEs.

The recycling line “Carnevalli” CR model was designed to recycle polyolefinic materials, such as hDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP and others. Used to reuse leftovers or non-compliant materials originating in flexible packaging manufacturers and companies that has the purpose only recycling or providing services in this area.

The process is composed by a material transport system by air to the storage silo and synchronized force- feed to the extruder, bimetallic cylinder degassing made by vacuum pump, cut of the material through the rotary blades on the face of the head, cooling by water and centrifuged drying.

Optional Accessories

  • Grinder with rotating knives.
  • Sound-proof cabin for the grinder. ◊ Trim conveyor for the grinder.
  • Metal detector.
  • Bagging machine with automatic weighing system.

Production considering PE


rEusE oF TriMs

Line dedicated to the reuse of the inline trims:

  • Refiletech: composed by a refile extraction system, cabin with grinder and force-feeding, mixing the “flake” with the granulated resin.
  • Refiletech Plus: repelletiser extruder that enables instant recovery of trims during the production of the films, with cutting system in head cooled by air. After regranulation, the pellets returned to the feed of the extruder.